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Scleral Lenses: Comfort in a Contact Lens

Scleral Lenses: Comfort in a Contact Lens

17 Sep, 2018

A scleral lens, also known as a scleral contact lens and ocular surface prosthesis, is a large contact lens that rests on the sclera and creates a tear-filled vault over the cornea. Due to the fluid-filled reservoir created by the lens over the cornea, scleral lenses treat a variety of eye conditions like extremely dry or diseased corneas, which may not respond to other forms of treatment.

Scleral lenses are twice the size of a standard gas permeable contact lens and larger than a typical soft contact lens. Because they are larger and designed to rest on the white sclera and vault over the cornea, scleral lenses are more stable on the eye than conventional GP lenses—so they are less likely to accidentally dislodge from the eye. This stability can also make them more comfortable than conventional GP lenses. Scleral lenses provide initial comfort similar to soft lenses, especially for sensitive eyes or irregularly-shaped corneas. Because every individual is different, scleral lenses are specially shaped for almost any eye shape and created to correct vision losses of all types, all while allowing an injured or damaged eye the chance to heal. 

Scleral lenses can treat the following conditions:

  • dry eye
  • Sjogren's syndrome
  • keratoconus
  • neurotrophic keratitis
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome


Scleral contact lenses are custom-made to the exact specifications for each eye determined by Dr. Sajjadi. In addition, special automated measuring tools and imaging devices are used to fit scleral lenses, which are typically not required for fitting soft lenses.

For these reasons, professional fees associated with fitting scleral lenses and lens replacement costs are higher than other contact lenses. Dr. Sajjadi and her staff will inform you of the costs that will be incurred so you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want to proceed.


Some insurances may pay for scleral lenses when medically necessary. If there is a medical necessity for the scleral lenses, your insurance company will be contacted to determine if they will cover specialty contact lens fitting and materials and you will be informed. We also offer financing through CareCredit.

Fitting Process

At the initial visit, Dr. Sajjadi will perform a medical eye exam, computerized corneal maps, cornea-scleral topography, photography, and scleral fitting. After measuring for the lens parameters, the custom contact lens(es) will be ordered. Once the lenses have arrived, you will be given an appointment to return for insertion and removal, care, and maintenance of the scleral lens(es). At this appointment, Dr. Sajjadi will evaluate the lens(es) to ensure fit and vision are appropriate. Follow-up visits for lens-related issues and adjustments will be performed for 90 days as needed. Annual exams will be scheduled to check the lens(es) fit and vision.

With proper care, these lenses last one year. The right cleaning products can help keep the lenses in the best possible condition.

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