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Cataract Surgery: Gentle, Accurate, and Customized

Cataract Surgery: Gentle, Accurate, and Customized

17 Oct, 2018

Cataract Surgery

A cataract is a fairly common condition that causes your vision to become increasingly clouded. Vision is fuzzy, colors are muted, and everyday activities are hindered. Treatment of cataracts involves surgical removal of the cataracts, which is traditionally an invasive surgery performed using only handheld instruments. At Bohn, Joseph & Swan, we understand that the decision to have cataract surgery is a difficult one, which is why we've taken measures to provide the best possible surgical option for cataract removal that is guaranteed to be gentle, accurate, and completely customized to your needs.

The Catalys Laser System, which is designed specifically for cataract surgery and used by Bohn, Joseph & Swan, replaces handheld instruments with laser precision in your cataract surgery. Here's how it works:

  • First, the Catalys system scans the eye and creates a three dimensional map of relevant structures in your eye, which allows the surgeon to fully customize the procedure to your specific needs.

  • The procedure begins with exceptionally precise laser incisions in the cornea, as well as a circular opening with the exact size, shape, and location of the cataract.

  • Using the laser, the surgeon then breaks down the cataract using a grid pattern to soften the sections before a handheld instrument enters the eye.

  • The cataract is removed using small handheld instruments that are used to grab and remove the softened sections of the cataract. Because the cataract has been broken down significantly by the laser, this process is much more gentle and much less invasive than traditional surgery.

  • A replacement lens is then inserted into the eye using the same corneal incisions initially made. Because of the laser precision of the incisions and cataract removal, the replacement lens can be inserted evenly and will allow for optimal visual results.

With Catalys, surgery is much more comfortable for the patient and results in higher success of the replacement lens. Additionally, visual recovery happens much faster than with traditional surgery.

Replacement Lenses

At Bohn, Joseph & Swan, we use Tecnis Symfony lenses, which are extended depth of focus IOLs (intraocular lenses). An extended depth of focus means that these lenses provide a high quality, continuous range of vision no matter how near or far and can reduce the frequency of wearing glasses. Monofocal IOLs, on the other hand, typically only restores vision for far distance, resulting in no vision restoration for near distance, therefore requiring continued use of glasses. We also use Tecnis Symfony Toric lenses, which are used specifically for patients with astigmatisms.

If you're facing cataract surgery, rest assured that our surgeons use the best technology for the highest quality results for our patients. For further information, contact us today.

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